Awana HomeBase

HomeBase™ equips churches to partner with families by challenging and training parents as the primary spiritual influencers of their children.

The HomeBase™ Program

HomeBase is here for you. Start the program at any point in the year, and meet during the time that works best for everyone.

Awana HomeBase


  • Connect church leaders with parents to discuss how they can work together to help children succeed in Awana.
  • Build relationships among parents by offering parenting workshops and discussion times.
  • Provide a weekly hospitality room for parents to informally gather.


  • Teach parents what the Bible says about their role as the primary spiritual influencers of their children.
  • Church leadership will hold a HomeBase parents meeting to help parents plan intentional family time.
  • Equip parents with family-based resources.


  • Families who actively participate in HomeBase will be celebrated within a church gathering.